Tom Harrison

Writer, performer, producer, dunceboi


Here are some of my published goofers!


Miscellaneous humor pieces, op-eds, performed live-lit essays, and tabletop game reviews are compiled here. The humor piece "How I Learned The Secret of Branding From Next-Level Product Design UI: The Ultimate Medium Story" was recommended by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, which isn't super important, except that I can now truthfully say my comedy writing has been critically lauded by a billionaire.

Mcsweeney's internet tendency

My list "13 Reasons Microaggressions Are All In Your Head, Dummy" was published on the venerated humor site in March of 2015.

Gaming Trend

I contributed tabletop game reviews to this independent gaming website, one review garnering acclaim from author Patrick Rothfuss, a fact which I am obscenely proud of. I tell everyone about it.