Tom Harrison

Writer, performer, producer, podcaster


My SHows

These little baby shows are my dang pride and joy. As co-founder, host, and producer of both The Skewer and You Don't Understand, I have created some pretty OK content that I am very proud of.


The skewer

Founded by Eric Ruelle and myself, The Skewer is a live monthly satirical news revue I host and produce at Cafe Mustache in Chicago on the first Wednesday of every month. Chicago's best comedians, storytellers, writers, and artists present hilarious and incendiary op-eds about the news of the preceding month, capped off with The Skewer Debate, a raucous and very goofy verbal sparring match which sees only one combatant leave the stage alive (not really).

All live editions of The Skewer are recorded and released as a podcast. 

We've featured such dope-ass writers as Tim Barnes, Erika Price, Rebecca O'Neal, Ian Belknap, Fran Hoepfner, Cody Melcher, Dan Sheehan, Stephanie Weber and more. Everyone's good!

You don't understand

You Don't Understand is a biweekly pop culture podcast about sharing our most cherished cultural obsessions with people for the first time. We all have a movie, album, game, or book that sparked a mad passion within us, and we've all felt the need to expose it to others so they can see how transformatively great it is. That's what this show is all about. 

We've watched Vin Diesel's xXx, Grey Gardens, Catwoman, Dune, professional wrestling, and much more. There have been enthusiastic converts thankful to be shown new art they love, and furious victims who can't deal with what they've been made to watch. It's fun.